Efficiently Reduce Risk in Modern Web Applications

InsightAppSec performs black-box security testing to automate identification, triage vulnerabilities, prioritize actions, and remediate application risk.

  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)
    Get actionable, accurate insights with an industry leading attack framework and library

  • Replay attacks & validate fixes
    Speed up remediation and reduce dev team back-and-forth by providing self-service access

  • Integrate into dev workflows
    Better prevent risk early by adding security testing as part of the build pipeline and integrating dev and sec team workflows

Secure the Modern Web

Automatically assess modern web apps and APIs with fewer false positives and missed vulnerabilities.

Collaborate with Speed

Fast-track fixes with rich reporting and integrations, and inform compliance and development stakeholders.

Scale with Ease

Effectively manage the security assessment of your application portfolio, regardless of its size.

"Attack Replay saves me a lot of time. Developers don’t ask me nearly as often to run additional scans to test a new security bug patch—instead they can test it directly from the vulnerability report."
Sr. IT Security Staff, Leading Hardware Manufacturer
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Accomplish More with InsightAppSec

Accurate and reliable Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Start Scanning in as Few as Five Minutes

The modern UI and intuitive workflows built on the Insight platform make InsightAppSec easy to deploy, manage, and run. Scan applications hosted on closed networks with the optional on-premise engine.

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Understand Your Compliance Risk

InsightAppSec assesses and reports on your web app's compliance to PCI-DSS, HIPAA, OWASP Top Ten, and other regulatory requirements.

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Work Better with Development

Rich technical detail and context for each vulnerability finding speeds remediation efforts, while integrating with Atlassian Jira gives developers full visibility within their existing workflows. Even better, the Attack Replay feature lets developers validate vulns and test source code patches on their own.

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Technology Integrations

Enhance InsightAppSec's capabilities, more effectively leverage vulnerability findings, and reduce friction between security and DevOps by integrating InsightAppSec with components in the DevOps toolchain.

Learn how InsightAppSec can integrate with your:
ITSM/ITOM & DevOps tools

Our Services

Managed AppSec

Leverage Rapid7 experts to manage your application security risk. Our professionals run your scans, validate vulnerabilities, and prioritize findings.

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Deployment Services

Lean on Rapid7 product consultants with decades of security experience to set up your application security program up for success.

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Training and Certification

Get the most out of your application security tools with specialized training and certification for InsightAppSec.

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Total Risk Coverage Program

Take a holistic approach to securing your web apps, from the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities to the detection and prevention of real-time attacks.

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